Welcome to Model Display Cases

We are manufacturers of high quality acrylic display cases for models. We are the one stop shop for your model display case because even if we don’t do a stock size for it we can just make one, to your exact sizes, and with any of the bases we show on this site, or without a base, you may have your own base and just need a cover. The beauty of our acrylic covers is the invisibilty of them, when you are admiring your models you dont want a frame around the outside of the cover blocking your view, a crystal clear cover with no frame, like ours, is the perfect way to display your model.

Please browse through our extensive range of model display cases and see if there is anything that suits your needs, but remember if it is just the size that doesn’t suit, we can make one to your custom sizes.

Please note, this domain name was previously owned by Godiva Display Cases, we are totally unrelated to that company, we just happen have the domain name they used to use

Worldwide Delivery

As well as being masters in the art of making model display cases, we are also very skilled at packaging our display cases to withstand worldwide shipping, so we are very pleased to offer shipping to most countries. We guarantee your display case will reach you in the perfect condition it was in when it left our factory.

Custom Size Model Display Cases

As the banner above says, we are the manufacturer, not only does this mean we can guarantee the quality and workmanship of our display cases, we can make them to any size you require, this is ideal for model ship displays because they vary so much in their sizes, also everybody has their own ideas about how much clearance they want around their model, they may want plaques or other things in the display case with their model, so a custom sized display case is quite often the best solution for your display needs. This website will allow you to get an instant on-line quote for your sizes instantly, without giving any personal information either.
Just select the style of display case you would like, then enter your sizes for an instant quote. Please see our range of custom sized model display cases here.

Care and Cleaning of Acrylic Display Cases

We only recommend cleaning with a new microfibre cloth or mitten, and only use Mr. Sheen spray furniture polish, Just lightly spray the polish on and dust off with the new microfibre duster. The polish should only need doing every 1 – 2 months, all other times just dust with the micro fibre duster. You should only have to do this to the outside of the display case, not the inside.

Cracking will occur along the polished/glued edges if any solvent comes into contact with the acrylic, for this reason do not spray any air freshener or other aerosols near the display case except the Mr. Sheen furniture polish.

If the acrylic is scratched at any time you can remove the scratch, if it is not too deep, or fade it away to almost invisible by using Brasso Brass polish. Just add a small amount of Brasso to another new microfiber cloth (not the one you use with Mr. Sheen) and rub fairly hard across the scratch, do not allow the Brasso to evaporate, you need enough to keep it wet. Keep doing this until the scratch has gone, or faded out of sight, depending on the depth. Once done just use a clean part of the cloth to wipe off and polish the display case. Once you are satisfied just apply a small spray of Mr. Sheen and polish it up again.